Odoo and Channel Engine Integration

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How to configure and setup Channel Engine with Odoo


How to prepare and export products in channel engine


How to update product info in channel engine


How to update stock and price in channel engine


How to import products from channel engine to Odoo


How to import orders from channel engine to Odoo




How to send order acknowledgment and create a shipment from Odoo to channel engine




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You work with Odoo Enterprise or Odoo Community?

Primarily we work with Odoo Enterprise and prefer it. But we can work in Odoo Community as well.

Can you do the installation and settings for the Channel Engine app?

Yes, we can do the installation and settings for you.

Does your system communicate multilingual data to channel engine?

Yes.. Either you can provide us the multilingual data or We could potentially utilize the channelEngine translation service tool, this uses either Google Cloud Translation or Deepl to translate certain fields based on what you choose to translate, it is associated with some costs however it is not very high and depends on how many products and characters for instance. 


 Advanced issues found
The communication between Odoo and Channel engine is real-time?

Yes, we use scheduled jobs which keeps the data synced and provide us results close to real-time. You don't need to do anything manually.

We would like to know your pricing.

We charge Euro 750 for every installation and setup. Additional services from us could be acquired at the rate of Euro 75/hour, or you can buy a service pack at a discounted rate.